10 October 2019
Business Design Centre, London

IRC (InternetRetailing Conference)

A recap from IRC 2018

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A recap from IRC 2018

Re-live the action from last year's Conference

The 2018 conference combined great case studies and insight with brilliant opportunities for exchanging ideas . Watch all the highlights below.

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Welcome from the chair

Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief, InternetRetailing Magazine sets the discussion for the day followed by a welcome from Sean Bennett, Director - Consumer Markets, Shape Security, Headline Sponsor.

Keynote fireside chat

Ian Jindal interviews Derek Harding, Shop Direct and puts a number of questions to him including:

  • What have you learnt since joining Shop Direct and what has surprised you?
  • What key factors have enabled Shop Direct to become so successful in UK eCommerce?
  • How does Shop Direct approach innovation?
  • Where is Shop Direct headed and what does the transformation strategy look like to get there?

Keynote panel discussion

Julien Callede, Jonathan Wall, Paul Sulyok and Ian Jindal on new skills eCommerce leaders should focus on to regenerate their businesses and drive 2018 profits

Keynote presentation

Rethinking The Role Of The Store - Lessons from China by David Lloyd from Alibaba Group:

  • How retailers can bring the online experience offline
  • How to create a truly customer centric approach
  • The role of data in retail
  • How to make data meaningful
  • The future of the physical store
  • What’s next for the UK retail sector?

Delivery innovation presentation


Sam Clarke, Founder of Gnewt is discussing how will the electrification of delivery fleets impact The Retail and logistics sectors:

  • Assessing the key challenges on the retail and logistics sectors of electrification of delivery fleets
  • Understanding why electric vehicles are so important for retail and what solutions we can use to tackle the change

eCommerce innovation keynote panel discussion


Alex Murray, Sébastien Hénon, Alex Hamilton and Isobar Sean McKee having discussion on topic of future retail customer experience - remove friction or stand for something!

  • How can retailers win by removing friction from the shopping experience?
  • How can retailers understand which technology innovations are relevant for both their customers and their businesses?

The growing threat of bots and fake visitors

Sean Bennett, Director of Consumer Markets discovering the topic of The growing threat of bots and fake visitors and what to do about them:

  • The top five trends to watch- from credential stuffing to whole store imitation
  • Fake visitor motives and business impacts
  • Optimising for high conversion, low friction and low fraud

Closing keynote panel discussion

Joris Beckers, Maureen McDonagh, Alastair Stirling, Sean McKee and Ian Jindal on topic of how will eCommerce develop by 2021 and what should retail leaders be doing today to prepare:

  • How will the role of mobile develop over the next three years within the eCommerce landscape?
  • Which new technologies will offer eCommerce leaders the best ROI by 2021?

Watch 'Beyond Channels' conference track

Delivering mobile experiences that meet the expectations of today’s demanding customer

Alexander Bartholomew from Halfords presenting the topic of delivering attention-grabbing, high-conversion mobile experiences that meet the expectations of today’s demanding and connected customer:

  • What proportion of eCommerce will transact through mobile by 2020?
  • What is the new reality of customer demands and expectations when shopping through mobile devices?

The future of fashtech: exploring attitudes to fashion-focused retail technology

Laurel Wolfe, Marketing Director at Klarna is exploring the future of fashtech:

  • Assessing which new technology initiatives will really inspire fashion shoppers
  • Evaluating what consumers actually want from new technologies and if retailers should prioritise around this 
  • Assessing how fashion retailers can ensure they are investing in the right technologies

What a seamless omnichannel customer experience feels like


Sara Prowse, Chief Executive Officer of Hotter is discovering how you should approach delivering a seamless omnichannel customer experience

  • What are customer expectations in an increasing omnichannel market?
  • How close are retailers to meeting customers’ omnichannel expectations?
  • What key strategies offer you the best ROI when approaching a seamless experience?

Payment strategies to enhance customer experiences


Padraig Slattery and Nicolas Vedrenne from SelfCharge are exploring payment strategies to enhance customer experiences

  • Using payments as a competitive advantage
  • Evolving the role of Payment Managers
  • Growth-hacking technology
  • Delivering positive experiences
  • Defining new performance indicators

Watch 'Customer & Engagement' conference track

Proving marketing ROI in a fragmented market of increasing media options


Alison Lancaster from Fanatics speaking about proving marketing ROI in a fragmented market of increasing media options:

  • What new ways can you use to measure and attribute the success of your various marketing initiatives?
  • How can you approach tracking measurement when your customer is being reached through a variety of media?
  • How can you optimise your marketing tools to work harder and show more ROI?

Quickly delivering an omnichannel eCommerce customer experience


Darragh Verschoyle and Joey Moore exploring eCommerce customer experience regarding the Eason case study:

  • The growing opportunity for ecommerce around the omnichannel customer
  • The challenges companies face when implementing ecommerce.
  • The need for seamless integration between commerce and ERP platforms

Which personalisation strategies will actually engage your customers and drive loyalty?


Ed Biden from Depop is delivering the topic of personalisation strategies: 

  • How can you get the right balance when it comes to personalisation strategy?
  • Which elements of a personalisation strategy do customers feel are intrusive and creepy?
  • How should personalisation be approached to drive loyalty and engagement with your brand?

From transactional to inspirational commerce – adapt to individual consumer expectations


Heike Zellerhoff from Shopware AG exploring how to adapt to individual consumer expectations: 

  • How to deal with powerful players in saturated markets?
  • Are you considering the full range of consumer expectations?
  • How to tailor the customer journey to exceed consumer expectations and drive conversion?

Watch Delivery & Operations conference track

Meeting customer expectations for same-day delivery


Speech by Walter Blackwood on how can you meet customer expectations For same-day delivery and still remain profitable:

  • What are customer expectations regarding same day delivery?
  • How should same day delivery be charged to the customer (if at all) to remain profitable?
  • What other delivery options should you offer in conjunction with same day delivery?

Using customer insight to drive differentiation in final mile solutions

Neil Ashworth speaking about using customer insight to drive differentiation in final mile solutions

  • How can you make listening to customers a key part of the customer journey?
  • How can you harness the power of social media to engage with your audience in a relevant way?
  • How can you share customer feedback to add value to your client relationships?

Building an international multi-carrier strategy that supports your growth ambitions


Sacha Williams is discovering international multi-carrier strategy:

  • Assessing why you need a multi-carrier fulfilment strategy and how to build it effectively
  • Ensuring your strategy delivers operational savings and meets your international growth objectives
  • Evaluating how your strategy can meet customers’ increasing expectations for choice and convenience

Watch International & Innovation conference track

Building an innovation framework for eCommerce

Alex Hamilton is exploring how to build an innovation framework for eCommerce:

  • What does the ecommerce experience of the future look like?
  • What is the role of emerging technologies in defining that experience?
  • What can brands and retailers do now to keep pace with change?

Watch a workshop

Personilising conusmer experiences to segments of one

Elliott Clayton, with over a decade’s experience in personalising media at scale to consumers, is speaking about:

  • How to understand what a conversion rate optimisation and experimentation program would bring your business
  • How to append value to your AB testing activity
  • What people (and the industry) are doing wrong when saying “experiment X is worth £3 million” and why you shouldn’t listen

Watch the testimonials

Shilpi Parakh, Kurt Geiger

   Daisy Judges, Tesco

Mark Howes, Big Commerce

Arslan Ayub, Essentra

Andrew Moffat, Virgin Trains

Anne Castermans, EPHEC

Alex Murray, Lidl

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What our clients say...

What our clients say...

  • We’ve been coming to InternetRetailing Conference for the best part of five years. Year on year we’ve seen that this is the number one event in the UK for that bridge between marketing and technology in the ecommerce space.
    Chris Baldrey-Chourio
  • IRC is the only conference I go to every year
    David Walmsley
    Director, M&S.com, Marks & Spencer
  • This is the place to come if you want to get the UK retailers. We get more good conversations here than we do at any event in the UK.
    James Brooke
  • This is one of the best industry events for quality networking.
    Anouk De Lange
    Market Development, Buyapowa
  • It’s probably one of the best one day conferences that you can come to. The calibre of the presenters are good… especially your peers…great networking and enough information each year that I can come away with.
    David Williams
    Director of Online EMEA, Deckers Brands
  • A very good concentrated, intense day of best practice… brilliant that it’s in one day, brilliant that it’s in a single venue and a good opportunity to meet with senior people from very good retail organisations
    Sean McKee
    Head of eCommerce/CS, Schuh
  • I’ve been coming to IRC for a long time and it’s a great opportunity to network with people that I know across the business… people that I’ve worked with or suppliers that I’ve worked with in the past.
    Jon Asbury
    Multichannel Director, Go Outdoors
  • InternetRetailing Conference is the only event that I always put in my calendar.
    Paul McDermott
    Head of Ecommerce, Poundland